Oil, lube and filter

Friday, April 6, 2007

The pocketbook took a hit this week with the old truck needing a new water pump and radiator, but it seems like a worthwhile investment to keep it running for a couple more years. I’m amazed at how easy it is to justify spending money on your stuff, but there is reluctance to spend money on your body.

I think it has to do with that cheque written each month as a reminder that cars cost a lot of money. We’ll do almost anything to prolong the life of that investment another year or two. Oil changes, car washes and 30,000 mile checks are expected requirements of ownership. On the other hand, our bodies don’t seem to have much priority.

Have a family doctor? “No need, I never get sick and if I do I just go to whatever urgent care of walk in clinic that I can find.” Any idea how good your doc is? “Don’t have to worry about it. They’re all the same anyway.”

Car makes a noise? “No problem, I have a great mechanic and I can get in almost anytime. He was a great find. One of my friends recommended him to me and then I checked him out on the internet.”

Actually our bodies run pretty smoothly most of the time. If we use reasonable grade fuel, don’t dump in too many poisons and make sure that we take it out for a regular spin around the block to keep the engine clean, it seems to do pretty well. And for all that diagnostic stuff? No big sweat. Every year or two, we wander into our family doc, get the pressures checked, make sure the levels are OK and get a couple of tests like mammograms, breast exams and prostate checks. Everything else runs on autopilot.

Here is the perception problem. We spend lots of money to buy stuff and then feel obligated to care for it, maintain it, and hope that it lasts forever. On the other hand, we get our bodies for free and forget that they also need the TLC that we give to our stuff.

After all, you can got Edmunds.com and get a price for your car, but your body… priceless.

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