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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

HASBLED Calculator


 H  Hypertension: (uncontrolled, >160 mmHg systolic) 1
A  Abnormal kidney function: Dialysis, transplant, Cr >2.26 mg/dL or >200 µmol/L

Abnormal liver function:Cirrhosis or Bilirubin >2x Normal or AST/ALT/AP >3x Normal




S  Stroke: Prior history of stroke 1
B Bleeding: Prior Major Bleeding or Predisposition to Bleeding 1
L  Labile INR: Unstable/high INR), Time in Therapeutic Range < 60% 1
E  Elderly: Age > 65 years 1
D  Prior Alcohol or Drug Usage History (≥ 8 drinks/week)

Medication Usage Predisposing to Bleeding: (Antiplatelet agents, NSAIDs)





  • Score greater than or equal to 3: increased risk of bleeding
  • Use caution when using anticoagulation medications
  • Patients should be assessed and risk reviewed routinely
  • HASBLED is only moderately effective in predicting bleeding risk


Shoeb, Marwa; Fang, Margaret C. Assessing bleeding risk in patients taking anticoagulants. Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis. 2013: 35 (3):312–9





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